Sinikka Laine

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Phone Personification
General Information
Full NameSinikka Laine
AliasSinikka, Sini
PersonifiesNokia Mobira Senator
Hair ColorBrown with blonde highlights
Eye ColorMoss Green

Sinikka Laine is a character that personifies the Nokia Mobira Senator, the first commercial mobile phone released by Nokia in 1982.

What Makes Her A Personification?

  • Her first name Sinikka is partially referencing Senator. It is also a Finnish female given name meaning blue.[1]
    • Her last name Laine means wave in Finnish and Estonian, which alludes to signal waves; the Nokia Mobira Senator ran on NMT 450 (1G) network.
  • Sinikka's color scheme is mainly derived on the Senator's hardware, with additions of blue (from her name), and gold, since phone components often contain gold.
  • Her 1920s inspired outfit is inspired by the early Golden Age of Radio, which parallels the Senator's status as an early pioneer in communications. In fact the phone does look like a radio.[2]
    • Her gold accessory on her suit resembles cords and microphones.
  • While Sinikka is an outspoken (and quite stubborn) character, she does not care much about worldwide recognition, derived from the fact that Motorola DynaTAC 8000x, released in 1983, was often considered the first commercial mobile phone, while the Senator is released a year prior.[3]

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