Wiki:Admissible Articles

From Wiki is a site about Moe Personifications (Japanese: 萌え擬人化, moe gijinka), and is open to Original Characters as well, so feel free to publish your own Personification on the site!

To be admissible, the article must be about a Personification that can be associated with the feeling of moe, or a non original Universe to which an admissible Personification belongs to. Other articles about subjects related to a Character like Merchandise or Media featuring it are not admissible here.

  • Since the definition of moe is vague, we are fairly lenient on this but reserve the right to reject a Mascot that is not "moe enough" according to our judgment;
  • The Personification must be human, though humans with animal features like cat ears or elves are allowed;
  • A character is considered as a Personification if traits of the personified subject are intentionally referred to in the character. Such trait can for example be the subject's color scheme, the character's name, birthday (to mirror a release date), etc. If there is no such trait, then the character is not considered as a Personification and thus not admissible;
  • Personifications of questionable or harmful entities like pornographic websites, illegal websites or organizations, hate speech groups, etc. are not admissible, as well as Personifications of cryptocurrencies not endorsed by the Moeverse Project;
  • Mascots admissible to the Wiki that only have a few straightforward traits (like a logo hairpin or an obvious name) are not admissible here and should only have an entry on;
  • An Universe must be non original and notable enough, and at least two admissible Personifications must originate from it.

If the criteria are not met, your article will likely not fit this Wiki and be deleted. If you believe that your article in this situation should be admissible, you can still open a discussion on the Moeverse discussion channels.