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General Information
Full NameWikipe-tan
Universe/OriginFutaba Channel
Hair ColorLight Blue
Eye ColorBlue

Wikipe-tan (Japanese: ウィキペたん) is a moe personification of Wikipedia, a free encyclopedia that anyone can edit.

She was suggested on January 5, 2006[1] in a discussion about ideas for a Wikipedia mascot[2], and designed by Wikipedia user Kasuga.

She has two sisters, Commons-tan and Wikiquote-tan, who personify Wikimedia projects that are related to Wikipedia.

What Makes Her a Personification?

  • Her name and and puzzle ornaments directly reference Wikipedia and its Logo.
  • She and her sisters reflect Wikipedia, Commons and Wikiquotes being sister projects.
  • Kasuga drew Wikipe-tan doing activities referencing what Wikipedia or its members might do such as asking for donations[3] or sockpuppeting[4].

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