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Food Personification
General Information
Full NameBiscuit-tan
Universe/OriginFutaba Channel, Netrun-mon
PersonifiesKFC Biscuits
Hair ColorPastel Blue
Eye ColorHoney Yellow

Biscuit-tan (Japanese:ビスケたん) is the moe personification of biscuits served in Japanese KFCs.


Biscuit-tan originated as an ASCII art posted by an anonymous user in Futaba Channel's PINK board in 2001, from a thread called "KFC biscuits are delicious".[1]. She was later given a visual design by anonymous artists, and popularized in 2002 through a series of Flash animations, and a theme song called "My Sweet Honey Biscuit!".[2]

She made an appearance in Netrun-mon original video animation (OVA) to celebrate the NetRunner magazine's 5th anniversary in November 24, 2004, and is voiced by Rumi Shishido. [3] However, this was met with backlash, since NetRunner was controversial for promoting hacking and media piracy, and several characters including Biscuit-tan, were stolen from Futaba Channel without the users' permission.

What Makes Her a Personification?

  • Her design has KFC Biscuits on her head, and her eye color resembles honey;
    • Her white dress, black bow, and light colored hair are inspired by Colonel Sanders.
  • She has a strong love for KFC Biscuits, and a theme song called "My Sweet Honey Biscuit!".
  • She is often treated as an unofficial mascot of KFC in Futaba Channel.

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