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Food Personification
General Information
Full NameHabanero-tan
Universe/OriginFutaba Channel, Netrun-mon
Hair ColorRed
Eye ColorRed

Habanero-tan (Japanese:ハバネロたん) is a moe personification of the habanero chili pepper.


Habanero-tan started as an unofficial mascot of the snack Bōkun Habanero, and was posted in Futaba Channel. She is designed by Shigatake, who also made a series of yonkoma (four-panel) comics of Habanero-tan and her companions made by other artists, which are moe personifications of chili peppers and other foods.

The first comic was posted in Shigatake's website on December 21, 2003.[1]

Habanero-tan's popularity has led to various renditions by other Japanese artists, and even a cameo appearance in the Netrun-mon OVA. There is also a doujin game called Habanero-tan House by Ashinaga Oji-san, who later worked with Shigatake and Vanillaware to develop Kumatanchi, a Nintendo DS game.


She is a chili girl with a head of chili pepper.

Even though she is a chili pepper girl, she loves milk.

She is the main character of this story, who is a mystery in many ways.

What Makes Her a Personification?

  • Her design is reminiscent of a habanero chili pepper, including the green stem on her head.
  • She is the main character of the Habanero-tan comics, which features personifications of foods.

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