Mega Drive

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Console Personification
General Information
Full NameMega Drive
BirthdayOctober 29
Universe/OriginSega Hard Girls
PersonifiesSega Mega Drive
Hair ColorBlonde
Eye ColorRose

Mega Drive (メガドライブ) is the moe personification of the Sega Mega Drive video game console, also known as Sega Genesis in North America.


Mega Drive's first appearance was on January 27, 2013, in the Samurai & Dragons "Segakko 13 ~Yume Kanaeshi Mono" event, along with other 12 console characters, all illustrated by KEI. [1]. She also made an appearance in Sega Hard Girls light novel series in June 10, 2013.

Mega Drive, Dreamcast, and Sega Saturn made their first anime debut in Hi-sCoool! SeHa Girls, an anime series by TMS Entertainment, airing from October 8 to December 24 in 2014. She is voiced by Shiori Izawa.[2]


Mega Drive is a genius girl with excellent grades, respected by others for her accurate analyses, and her wealth of knowledge in her 16-bit encyclopedia. She hates losing, and often encouraged by others to create strange inventions. Although Mega Drive can be stoic and overly logical, she aspires to be more feminine.[2]

What Makes Her a Personification?

  • Her black and pink attire is based on the original Mega Drive's hardware,[3] and she wears a hairclip in the shape of its controller.
  • Her genius nature and 16-bit encyclopedia references Mega Drive's vast library of arcade game ports.
  • Her stoic personality may have been based on Mega Drive's poor sales in Japan.[4]
  • Her competitive streak may have been derived from the Console Wars, which was thought to be started by the Mega Drive's release in 1988, which prompted Nintendo to compete with the SNES two years later.
  • She dislikes performing tasks that requires physical power, often being slower than Sega Saturn and Dreamcast, which references Mega Drive's outdated hardware capabilities compared to the newer Sega consoles.[4]

Notes and References